Why does pepper make you sneeze?

682pepper sneeze "the devil"
86pepper sneeze "allergic reaction"
2pepper sneeze "evolutionary biology"


What is love?

588,000"love is" free
305,000"love is" forever
227,000"love is" understanding
117,000"love is" stupid
67,700"love is" selfish
44,700"love is" expensive
13,200"love is" selfless
0"love is" "a prickly sunrise of the soul"


What else comes in a pod?

11,000peas "in a pod"
951babies "in a pod"
838corn "in a pod"
415aliens "in a pod"
45intestines "in a pod"
6acetylene "in a pod"


Why haven't I been posting lately?

1,930"not posting" +lazy
1,120"not posting" +homework
551"not posting" +laundry
3"not posting" +"projectile vomiting"
0"not posting" +"crazy lesbian sex"


What else are we putting in our tuna casseroles?

7250+noodle +tuna +casserole
4100+zucchini +tuna +casserole
2040+"cream of mushroom soup" +tuna +casserole
16+"bok choi" +tuna +casserole
13+"human flesh" +tuna +casserole
2+"ugli fruit" +tuna +casserole


Which American authors are the kitschiest?

420+kitsch +"Mark Twain"
345+kitsch +"Jack Kerouac"
280+kitsch +"Ernest Hemingway"
174+kitsch +"William Faulkner"
169+kitsch +"Toni Morrison"
126+kitsch +"Ayn Rand"
121+kitsch +"Herman Melville"
65+kitsch +"Maya Angelou"
57+kitsch +"Nathaniel Hawthorne"
19+kitsch +"Louisa May Alcott"


What kind of babe goes best on a sock?

501+sock +"hot babe"
242+sock +"sexy babe"
16+sock +"babe the pig"